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Debut Single & Music Clip

Spirit is Calling Cover


"A medicine song from the deep waters, that encapsulates and requires a moment to drop into the deep listening of Dadirri. This word from the Ngan'gikurunggurr language group from the Northern Territory of Australia embodies the spiritual practise of deep listening to the land within and without; To become the witness and recognise the powerful resilience and interconnection that is inherent in us all. Spirit is calling revels in the awakening to our greatest suffering as our greatest gift.


WILD woman of song

olivia rosebery
Singer-songwriter Olivia Rosebery takes you on a journey into the wilderness within. This wild woman of song shares with raw and vulnerable expression - captivating and inspiring with her warm, resonant voice, soulful melodies and poetic prose. She weaves a genre of conscious-soul and creates a sacred space of song that muses between the powerful guttural devotion of gospel, neo-soul, and the enchanting realms of ceremonial music.. A voice for the earth, she sings into a dreaming that sends tingles up the spine, and opens the heart into a deep and healing connection with the self, the earth and each other.

She walks a path of wild nature, entangled luscious ferns & vines. And dances with the sweet nectar of honey-dew & dandelion...leaves trail behind her footsteps as she dances with the trees and shares her secrets on the whispering breeze...
— wild woman, Olivia Rosebery